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Dragonfly 3.4

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Multi Color Picker

Dragonfly is a color picker especially for webdesigners and media artists.
Dragonfly allows you to
  • select multiple colors and see them side by side
  • quickly and easily find well fitting color combinations for your web or graphic designs
  • automatically produce matching variations of your chosen color
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Multiple Colors

Dragonfly allows you to select up to eight different colors and to see them immediately side by side. In that way you can quickly and easily find well fitting color combinations for your web or graphic designs.

Text Colors

Dragonfly also makes it easier to find the right text color fitting to your background. See how readable your text is while you change its color.
You can set the text color individually for every color panel - so in summary you can edit up to 16 different colors in one window!


Often you need several variations of a color. For example, you want a brighter blue as background color, a middle blue for graphic elements and a darker blue for your text.
Dragonfly will automatically produce variations from your chosen color and adjust them live as you change the color. You can even set the number of variations you want to get - from only one contrasting variation up to 7 fine grained gradations.
Dragonfly Color Variations Screenshot

Release Notes

New Features in Dragonfly 3.4:
Release date: Jun 15, 2012

Green License

All our Software-Licenses include a Green-License which means that if you want to use the Software you have to take action against Climate Change or Pollution.
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